Film: Mr Blake at Your Service




If you are looking for an escape from what is currently going on in the world, this entertaining and heart-warming comedy could be for you.

Depressed after the death of his French wife Mr Blake (John Malkovich ) decides to revisit the place where their romance started at a manor house in northern France.



The manor is owned by Madame de Beauvillier (Fanny Ardant) who is struggling to maintain it with a staff of two (and a grumpy cat, one of the stars in this film), and hoping that guests will bring in enough income.

Odile, the cook (Emille Dequenne) had advertised for a butler, and when Mr Blake arrives she ushers him to a room in the staff quarters. The only way he can stay on, is to accept the job,

and try to be a butler. Will it work out?




Director Gilles Lagardiner adapted his best-selling book The Paris Labyrinth (which has been translated into 17 languages, and sold over a million copies in 22 countries) into this funny and rather predictable feel-good film, with great actors cast in the leading roles.

100 minutes.

Spoken in French with English translation.

Showing at Luna Leederville, Windsor Nedlands and Luna SX Fremantle.

Watch the trailer…


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