Spanish Film Festival: Un Amor (One Love)




Many interpretations can be made from this complex and intriguing film which is loaded with messages about life and loves in a small town environment.

Based on a best-selling novel by Sara Mesa, prolific director Isabel Coixet (whose work is celebrated at this year’s Spanish Film Festival) has made a film with a great script and cinematography. Tough to watch at times, it has explicit sex scenes.

Natalia (Laia Costa) is a 30 year old freelance translator who has been confronted by the horrific lives of African refugees.

Renting an old house from a very unpleasant landlord, she starts a new life in La Escapa, a small village in Spain.



She has been warned by the landlord that the house is not in good repair, but is not prepared for how neglected it is – derelict, and badly needing roof tiles.

It is built near a dog pound, the dogs bark all night, and the next day the owner turns up with a badly treated dog which she takes on as a pet.

When it rains the house is flooded and Andreas (Hovik Keuchkerian), dubbed “The German” by locals, offers free repairs in “exchange for sexual penetration”.



She eventually accepts his offer as she can’t afford to pay – and sex with him becomes an obsessive passion.

The film has won several awards and has been selected by critics as one of the top ten of best Spanish films of 2023.

129 minutes.

Spoken in Spanish with English sub-titles.

Now showing as part of the Spanish Film Festival at Luna Leederville, Luna SX Fremantle and Palace Raine Square. The Festival runs in Perth until July 10.


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