Merry Christmas from The Starfish



Ho ho ho!
You haven’t heard from us lately for a couple of reasons.
We’ve spent the past few weeks roaming around southern India – trekking, boating, feasting, exploring, and rejuvenating at Somatheeram, an ayurvedic retreat overlooking the Arabian Sea. We report about that experience in this issue. More highlights on ourIndian travels to come.
The other reason you haven’t heard from us lately is, frustratingly, our site’s host, Iinet, pronounced it wasn’t going to host websites any more, resulting in a tedious drawn-out “migration” to a new host for The Starfish. (That explanation may be too technical for some readers, but to say it was a prolonged, ugly experience is an understatement.) Thanks for the sleepless nights, Iinet! While it was going on, it was too difficult for us to produce The Starfish. Still, a “first world” problem, as they say.
Much as we love our travels, of course returning from abroad is always a reminder how beautiful Western Australia is, particularly on the coast in summer, or under the stars on a balmy evening down at Somerville, watching a quality foreign film. With the Perth Festival’s film season in full swing, our reviewers Ros and Margot have been pumping out reviews of some terrific offerings.
For those in the mood for something light and fun over the silly season, we have a movie giveaway in this issue: five double passes to comedic romp Two Tickets To Greece.
Sophie Godwin provides us with a deelish Prune Sticky Toffee Pie from her new tome Sundays: A Cookbook, which ought to give the Chrissie Pud a serious run for the money this Festive Season.
We also have a healthy recipe to counter the sweet tooth that may tie in with any culinary New Year’s resolutions. It’s a delicious Chickpea Stew recipe from Jessie Inchauspe (The Glucose Goddess). Take your pick – or whip up both!
Merry Christmas to all from The Starfish team.