Aussie Chef’s Crusade to Help a Struggling Bali



Bali-based Australian chef Dean Keddell is finding it hard to keep his spirits up.
The numbers are depressing,” Dean, the man behind popular Seminyak restaurants Jackson Lily‘s and Ginger Moon Canteen, tells The Starfish.
He’s referring, of course, to the number of COVID cases in Bali – and across Indonesia.
“Bali had 837 new cases yesterday – and a few days ago it was over 1000.”
Chef Dean Keddell
New daily cases recorded across Indonesia  rose to a record 56,753 on July 16. “The numbers have since dropped –  but this is because testing has decreased,” Dean, who closely follows the daily data, explains.
“With people being turned away from hospitals and people avoiding tests for fear of being put into quarantine, the real numbers are astronomical.”
Adds Dean, “There were 24 COVID deaths in Bali yesterday, and more than 1000 per day in Indonesia. Where will it end?”
From Lake Eildon in Victoria, Dean has worked at restaurants around Australia, including Fremantle’s Left Bank Cafe “many moons ago” before moving to Bali in 2000, launching Gado Gado on the beach at Seminyak, working at the Ritz-Carlton and starting his own restaurants.
For him, living in Bali and forging a great reputation for his culinary feats has been an exotic delight; until COVID.
Dean is now doing all he can to help Bali’s most vulnerable get through these tough times. He’s devoted the past 12 months to working on a cookbook to raise money for needy families, villages and charities.
The result is Our Bali Your Bali, a splendid 400 page hardcover coffee table book packed with recipes. (See our recipe from Dean for Balinese chicken curry spring rolls  in this issue of The Starfish.)
The mouthwatering recipes are both simple and elaborate. “They include sambals, dumpling wrappers with beautiful fillings, and some of my signature dishes from Jackson Lily’s and Ginger Moon,” says Dean.
“We are aiming to sell 5000 books for $375,000 with all profits going directly to the charities.”
The book costs $85, including postage, and not only will you get a lovely book, your purchase will make a difference in Bali.
The charities that will benefit are:
Scholars of Sustenance: providing nutrition to those in need,
East Poverty Bali Project: sharing food and caring during COVID-19
Bali Children’s Foundation, providing food relief to vulnerable families and helping local children complete school and find jobs.
Friends of National Park Foundation: working to protect wldlife and their habitats while supporting local communities.
Bali Wise by ROLE Foundation: empowering marginalised women through skills education.
To order Our Bali Your Bali, and know that you’ve helped make a difference, go to this link.

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  1. Congratulations Dean – it’s wonderful what you’re doing for Bali and its most needy. Saw you on Australia’s “A Current Affair” this week – hopefully it helps to get the word out to assist you and your team.

  2. Hi Dean
    Can you contact me, i tried to reach you in your WA and email of jackson Lily s but nobody replied.

    1. Thank you for your nice words Margot, please help to spread the word by sharing this story.

      Thanks also to the wonderful people at The Starfish. for their support, so very kind

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