Magical Mosaics at Kidogo




Inspiration for art can come from anywhere, and ceramicist Danka Scholtz von Loren often finds her muse close to home.

One of her most recent pieces is a striking larger than life work that wouldn’t look out of place on an alien planet – or in a funky modern living room.


Danka with her ‘seedpod’


Danka found inspiration for her giant seedpod among the plants in her Cottesloe garden and the unique creation will soon be on its way for display at ArtGeo, Busselton.

The work consists of thousands of pieces of coloured glass painstakingly configured into a distinctive freestanding sculpture.



The accomplished artist has completed a number of public art works and has picked up several awards for her fascinating pieces. Last year, one of her works won a prize at the MAANZ Symposium at Canberra.

MAANZ stands for the Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand, and on Thursday night the WA chapter launched its 2020 exhibition at Kidogo Arthouse, Fremantle.

Danka is one of 19 artists with mosaic works on display at the historic Bather’s Beach venue.



Patrons were greeted by a dazzlingly creative and diverse range of pieces in a range of styles, featuring ceramics, glass, stone and other tessera materials.

Everything from pots to guitars, mannequins to mirrors were exquisitely festooned with vibrant ceramic and tile patterns, decoration and sculpture.



Mosaics allow the artist to be highly innovative in texture, colour and design, and these lit up the room.

MAANZ was incorporated in 2002 and has over 700 members from around Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and more.



There are currently over 70 members in WA and their works made up most of the exhibition at Bather’s Beach.

The aims of MAANZ are the education of its members and the community on the art of mosaics; providing the opportunity for exhibitions; and support for the community by way of participation in public art projects and fund-raising for the Starlight Foundation.



MAANZ WA provides a network that can provide support, advice and social interaction with like-minded mosaic artists from around the state.



“It is our aim to include country members in as many activities and events as possible by taking exhibitions and activities to them,” says the MAANZ mission statement.



“We have three guiding stars that help shine the way to do what we do: mosaic exhibitions, mosaic education and mosaics making a difference in the community.”

An added treat at Kidogo during the MAANZ show is a solo exhibition in the adjoining space (through a hole in the old white washed stone wall) by celebrated fine mosaics artist Lynley Jakowyna.



Her show, called Reflecting, comprises an inspiring collection of mosaic pieces featuring landscapes, seascapes, people and birds.  Lynley’s intricate pieces have a strong Australian persona and convey the light, colours and atmosphere of our unique land.



If you are interested in ceramics and mosaics and would like to join the WA branch there is more information about the organisation on the website

MAANZ at Kidogo runs until Wednesday 18 November. Not open Saturday 14 November.