Romance Film: 23 Walks



23 Walks is a gentle love story involving two mature adults who meet while walking their dogs in a London park

Their first encounter is not promising. Fern (Alison Steadman) is walking her little dog Henry when they come across Tilly, a large German Shepherd, and her owner, Dave (Dave Johns).

Fern berates Dave because his dog is not on a lead.



Dave is taken aback but he likes the look of Fern. He makes sure that when they meet again Tilly is wearing a lead.

Gradually the pair set up a comfortable routine of walking together with their dogs.



Against a lovely backdrop of changing seasons in the park, their friendshiip slowly develops into a cautious, romantic relationship.

It all seems very predictable, but writer/ director Paul Morrison leavens the sentimentality with a spot of realistic drama.

Dave, a former mental health nurse, is confronting the heartless social security system while he struggles to pay the rent. He also has a secret which shocks Fern when she finds out.

They both have their scars from past relationships and Fern in particular finds it hard to let down her guard.



Steadman, 73, and Johns, 64, are both award-winning actors and they make the most of their roles.

This is a film which is bound to appeal to the older matinee crowd – and the two dogs are a delight.

23 Walks is now showing at The Windsor, Luna Leederville and Luna On SX.



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