Film for Fashionistas and Francophiles: House of Cardin



Paris couturier Pierre Cardin is one of the world’s greatest fashion designers, often described as a genius in the world of haute couture.

He was born in the countryside near Venice and grew up in France. His career started at Paquin in 1946 where he was involved in creating the beautiful costumes for the film Beauty and the Beast. Later he collaborated with Christian Dior – before opening his own fashion house in 1950.



Credited with changing the shape of clothes for women and the first couturier to design clothes for men, he also pioneered the use of models of colour on European catwalks and started a global trend in making designer clothes more accessible – ready to wear for a mass market.

This is an authorized documentary directed by David Ebersole and Todd Hughes using archival and catwalk footage. It shows interviews with many of his associates and fans, including Naomi Campbell, Dionne Warwick, Sharon Stone, Hiroko Matsumoto, Alice Cooper and Jean-Paul Gaultier.



At the age of 97 Cardin is still a force of nature taking an active part in his businesses. He has his name stamped on everything from cookware to cars, perfumes, cosmetics, ties, and furniture. He bought the famous Paris restaurant Maxims and turned it into a franchise – and his interest in the arts has involved opening a theatre for avant-garde plays and music, and starting a musical drama festival.



In his own words he says, “My name is by my creations but no longer as a human person. The brand is the third dimension, it is no longer me.”

97 minutes.

Subtitled in English.

Now Showing at Luna Leederville.


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