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If you love books you will not want to miss this engaging documentary.

It introduces us to the fascinating world of sellers of rare and unique books who are often dressed in tweed and who are eccentric and funny – and buyers who enjoy the thrill of the chase for a book that they need to add to their collection, where the hunt is part of the pleasure.



Directed by D W Young, the film shows us the importance of preserving the printed word. It will be enjoyed by people who cannot pass a bookshop without going inside to browse – along with those of us who find our bookshelves full, and too hard to empty, as we keep buying more.

There were 360 bookshops in New York in the 1950s – and now there are only 79. The fabled Argosy Book Store was started by Louis Cohen in 1925 and is now run by his three daughters who fortunately own the building. We see many collections in extraordinary places, including one who shows his warehouse of an astonishing 300,000 books!



Writer and cultural critic Fran Lebowitz adds her sardonic humour to the commentary with stories like her visits to a dusty Jewish man who was irritated if you wanted to buy a book.

The Internet’s ability to locate rare books which are easily bought by credit card has been devastating to booksellers, and spoils the pleasure of research, holding a book and turning its pages, going to antique book shops, book fairs and auctions.

The slower pace towards the end of the film may cause viewers to lose some interest, but this charming film is just what some of us need after months of lockdown.



There is nothing quite like the Big Screen for film!

99 minutes.

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  1. A must see for bewitched lovers of rare and old books. It brought back many a fond memory of drifting down the magical aisles of The Strand and Argosy book stores in Manhattan back in the day.

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