Springing Free of Lockdown!



With corona subsiding and cabin fever abating here in Perth, it’s a joy to be getting out again, enjoying a few of life’s simple pleasures.

The Starfish has been venturing out and about, after weeks spent scratching in the garden and lying low, watching TV nonsense and whipping up dubious culinary offerings.


So we relished being able to hit the art galleries again at last. Freo’s Earlyworks is displaying pieces from Artitja Fine Art. These are wonderful creations by the Munupi Artists from Melville Island (one of the Tiwi Islands, about 100km north of Darwin.)



We also popped into Gallows Gallery at Mosman Park for the opening of a new exhibition by award-winning artist Lori Pensini, featuring feminine portraits, decorated with swirls of native plants and birds, paying homage to our WA landscape. Buy cheap vmware fusion 11 student.

Readers who have grown used to our comprehensive film coverage will be happy to see new reviews back up on the site.

“There were cheers from the preview audience at Luna Leederville when Luna Palace marketing manager Tony Bective announced that its cinemas would open for business on Thursday, 2 July,” writes Starfish reviewer Margot Lang.

“And after the long corona virus drought, the romantic comedy Love Sarah struck the right note with the film-starved patrons.”


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Read Margot’s thoughts on the flick in this edition.



A charming book about one of the world’s cutest birds – the budgie, arrived at Starfish HQ recently,  By  Sarah Harris and Don Baker, Budgerigar tracks how this chirpy and chatty little Aussie bird has stolen hearts around the world.  (Who knew Winston Churchill made some of his most important World War Two decisions with a small green budgie atop his noodle?)



Our coverage of travels in Italy pre-pandemic continues with the delights of Bologna. The ancient city, which dates back to the pre-Etruscan era was a revelation, though all too often it’s overlooked by those on the Italian Grande Tour.



With winter upon us, we thought a simple, hearty recipe was in order. This delicious tray-roasted chicken with grapes, olives and walnuts, from Julia Busuttil Nishimura ‘s fab new book Ostra, is just the ticket. The book’s motto is: “The pleasure that comes from slowing down and cooking with simple ingredients.”


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  1. One of the positive impacts of CV has been the slowing down that many have appreciated, including myself!
    I have some grapes and olives from my gardens, may have to slowly get to a shop for Walnuts and a chook!

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