Film: The Miracle Club




The Miracle Club is an enjoyable film from Irish director Thaddeus O’Sullivan, with fine performances from a trio of Oscar-winning actresses: Maggie Smith, Kathy Bates and Laura Linney.

Set in Dublin in 1967, it has period clothing and cars and stunning cinematography of the Irish countryside and the working-class neighbourhood of Ballygar.

Lily (Maggie Smith) and Eileen (Kathy Bates) are lifelong friends who sign up, with their younger friend Dolly (Agnew 0’Casey), for a talent contest run by the local parish.

The trio’s peformance at the talent contest is a memorable scene.



Dolly is the lead singer, with a rousing version of He’s So Fine, with the other two as backup singers. Who would have thought to see the imperious Maggie Smith hamming it up as a backup singer.

The prize is a ticket to Lourdes, the pilgrimage site in France, reputed to be a town of miracles – a place the three devout women all long to visit.

Soon they are preparing to  set off in a bus for Lourdes, where they all hope for a miracle which will resolve their hidden secrets.



Just as they are about to leave, Chrissy (Laura Linney), turns up from America, looking glamorous and sophisticated. Clearly, the others are not pleased to see her.

They have not heard from her since she left for America 40 years before, soon after Lily’s son Declan drowned at sea. Chrissy has arrived unannounced for her mother’s funeral.

To everyone’s surprise, she decides to join the others on the bus to Lourdes.



As the story unfolds, the hidden secrets emerge. There are no miracles, but heartwarming scenes of forgiveness and reconciliation.

The script, by Jimmy Smallhorne, Timothy Prager and Joshua D. Maurer, is based on a story by Smallhorne.

The Miracle Club is now showing  at Luna Leederville, Luna On SX and the Windsor Cinema.



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