Film: Breaking Up in Rome




This cleverly written romantic comedy explores the dilemma in breaking up marriages of many years.

Tommaso (Edoardo Leo) has been married to Zoe (Marta Nieto) for ten years. He is a novelist under pressure from his publisher to write happy endings to his books. He also writes a popular agony column in a paper which receives hundreds of letters, under the name of Marques.

Zoe is a video games executive in a big company. She emails Marques about the many small things that annoy her in their marriage (such as his hair in the bathroom).



Tommaso, not aware there are problems  answers with many questions. He tells her he prefers not to discuss the letters in public, and tries to change his life to improve their relationship.

Meantime his best friend Umberto (Stefano Fresi), a deputy headmaster, is thinking of leaving his very busy wife Elena (Claudia Gerini), the mayor of Rome. After years of being the devoted and supportive husband who runs their household, he has put on a lot of weight and is frustrated by her never ending job. And she will want to stand for re-election.

The two men give each other advice but their problems may or not be solved.



A well-made and insightful film with good performances from the actors.

Multi award-winning Director/writer/actor Edoardo Leo (The Legendary Giulia) wrote the screenplay with Maro Bonini, Damiano Brue and Lisa Riccardi.

112 minutes.

Spoken in Italian with English sub-titles.

Showing at Palace Raine Square, Luna SX and Windsor Nedlands during the Italian Film Festival which will be shown from September 22 to October 16.


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