Santa, Percy, Perry and Keddell




Ho, ho, ho!

We spotted this “Selfie Santa” while driving past the hamlet of Kirup on a road trip to Walpole recently. It seems the entire town, population 220, has got into the Christmas spirit and the region is abundant with the bearded man in red. He and his reindeer have a lot of work ahead of them this week.

If you’re looking for a last minute addition to Santa’s sack, consider buying The Curate’s Egg, a fast-moving novel by Perth QC,  Tom Percy.

Starfish readers are familiar with some of the fine short stories we’ve published over the years by Tom; now he’s taken his creativity to new lengths, and published a novel.

How Tom found the time to do that, along with defending crims (and innocent people), performing in his band, immersing himself in his sporting pursuits, plus being a family man to partner Jo and Finn, we’ll never know.
But Tom has always been a disciplined fellow. As a young man, he rejected his mum Joan‘s suggestion he cut hair for a living – and instead forced himself to study law. Thankfully, that choice worked out for him!
This week judges, lawyers, clients, a former governor, Kalgoorlie chums, musician and racing cohorts, authors, publishers, and journalists flocked to celebrate Tom’s foray into the literary world.
“Lawyers are in the business of solving puzzles and reducing chaos to a semblance of order,” author and retired judge Nicholas Hasluck told us, launching the book.
“Novelists, on the other hand, are well aware that readers are drawn to the dangerous side of things. Tom Percy is skilled in both areas. He keeps the reader enthralled, and provides some valuable insights about legal procedures and moral dilemmas along the way.”
Tom has dedicated his novel to Joan, who, we’re sure, would have been proud. We’ll run an excerpt from The Curate’s Egg in January.
Another Australian bloke we raise our glass to is chef Dean Keddell.
His cookbook Our Bali Your Bali would be another welcome addition to Santa’s sack. Sales of the book have  raised hundreds of thousands for many impoverished Balinese families who’ve been struggling since the onset of the Covid pandemic. Now in its third edition, the book has made a huge difference.
But many on the Isle of the Gods  are still doing it tough. In October, an earthquake in the Karangasem regency killed a three year old child, injured 75 people, destroyed 363 homes, and damaged hundreds of other homes. Thousands are now staying in temporary tents.
The East Bali Poverty Project – one of the key charities Dean supports – has been working tirelessly to help these people in need. By buying Dean’s cookbook you are helping make a real difference to the lives of some of Bali’s poorest. You can buy his cookbook here:
Thanks to Dean, we have a fabulous recipe for Pineapple Meringue Cake in this issue.
We also bring you a delicious, healthy salad recipe from Neil Perry, one Australia’s most creative and innovative chefs. His latest recipe book  Everything I Love to Cook (Murdoch Books) includes this alluring  Prawn, Tomato, Nectarine and Hazelnut salad.
Mmm! And speaking of pleasure, new WA film How To Please A Woman opens on February 27. Shot in Fremantle it stars Sally Phillips, Erik Thomson and Caroline Brazier, who somehow become entangled in an illegal male prostitution operation.
While the film is, essentially a light-hearted romp, it does serve to illustrate how women of a certain age can feel invisible, writes our reviewer Margot. Her review is in this issue.
Also in this issue, Ros reviews Festival films, La Traviata, My Brothers And I,  and Bergman Island.
Here’s to a happy festive season for all.
Merry Christmas from Peter, Jacqui and the Starfish Team.

4 thoughts on “Santa, Percy, Perry and Keddell

  1. Happy new year Jacqui and Peter, a dedicated team bringing reams of upbeat, fascinating stories to readers . All the best for 2022!

  2. Thanks Fi and Anna for your kind words!
    We’re always appreciative when readers tell us they’re happy with us!
    Happy New Year!

  3. What an exciting, well-attended book launch! I’m half way through “The Curate’s Egg” already (despite working full-time.) Racing is in Tom’s blood and I am racing to the end of each chapter to start the next. Hard to put down, easy to read, and a delightful insight into the mind of a criminal lawyer turned writer. Tom is a dark horse! Love it! Happy Christmas to The Starfish Team and readers. Fi x

  4. Happy Christmas Jaq and Peter. Loved Starfish over 2021. Looking forward to receiving news in 2022.

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