Dean Keddell’s Pineapple Meringue Cake




Here’s another delicious recipe from top Aussie chef Dean Keddell, who has been tirelessly raising funds for Bali’s poorest from sales of his hit cookbook Our Bali Your Bali.

Pineapple Meringue Cake


600gm Egg whites

375gm Castor sugar

300gm Egg yolks

3pc Whole eggs

188gm Milk

340gm Flour

225gm Salad oil

Pinch Salt


  1. Heat your oven to 180°c
  2. Grease three 25cm cake pans with butter, line with parchment paper, then grease the parchment paper.
  3. In an electric mixer beat the egg whites till fluffy add then add the sugar, continue to beat until the sugar is dissolved
  4. Sift the flour in to a bowl, make a well and add the rest of the ingredients and whisk until smooth. Then gently fold in the meringue. Once mixed divide in to 3 cake tins and bake for 20-25 minutes.
  5. Cool the cakes completely in the pans set on a wire rack. The cakes must be completely cool before frosting and assembling.
  6. Spread pineapple jam filling over two of the cakes. Then stack the cakes on top of each other, the top cake should have no jam filling on it.
  7. Spread the meringue cream all over the cake, covering the sides as well as the top. Make swirls in the meringue using a pastry card or spatula.  You will need a gas torch to achieve the “toasted marshmallow” look. Light the torch and from a distance carefully run the torch over the cake, a lovely golden hue is the desired effect.
  8. Garnish with pineapple chips or jam, coloured chocolate leaves or chocolate curls, toasted coconut or anything else that takes your fancy.

Meringue Cream


200gm Egg whites

300gm Castor sugar

80gm Icing sugar

5gm Corn flour


  1. In an electric mixer whip the egg whites till soft peak, then add the castor sugar, beat until the sugar has dissolved then mix add the icing sugar, and then finally the corn flour.

Pineapple Jam


1kg Ripe pineapple, diced

250gm Castor sugar

2 Cinnamon sticks


  1. Put all ingredients in a stainless pot and gently simmer, stirring occasionally, with a lid on until the pineapple has broken down and the jam is thick.
  2. Cool before using

Pineapple Jam Filling


1kg Pineapple jam

150ml Whipping cream


  1. Whisk the jam and cream together until the cream is 80% set.