Book Review: Rabbits




Book: Rabbits

Author: Terry Miles

Rabbits is the secret – sometimes fatal – alternate reality game that has been played in underground circles for decades.

Some are convinced of its existence, despite never having played, others believe it is just a piece of urban legend. Players must accomplish challenges aided by eerie, specific riddles hidden for them anywhere from the newspaper to their local laundromat.

While the prize for winning is a closely guarded secret, everyone knows the cost of losing can be deadly. Since the first recorded game, it has been played on ten different occasions. The eleventh is about to begin.



K has been trying to figure out how to play for years, and when a previous winner reaches out with a mission, it seems like K will finally get the chance. But it turns out playing the game has stakes much higher than ever imagined.

Terry Miles’ Rabbits is a novel by the same title as his docu-drama style podcast that has taken the world by storm. While both works are set in the same universe, understanding of the podcast is not required to enjoy the novel.



It explores reality and technology in their fascinating intersections in a mystery that demands the pages keep on turning. Rabbits manages to play simultaneously with the modern and futuristic, crafting a world that is realistic and fantastical in one captivating hit.

I would recommend this book to adults and young adults who enjoy a book that they can’t put down and really makes them think.