French Film: The Man in the Hat




This is a delightful comedy road trip through the beautiful French countryside, and a pleasing diversion from the dreaded virus and trying times.

The Thin Man (Ciarian Hinds – a versatile Irish actor on film and stage with a wonderfully expressive face) is sitting at an outdoor restaurant with a framed photo of an unknown woman for company when he witnesses what might be a crime scene committed by five scary bald men who unpack themselves from a brightly coloured small Citroen, with what looks like a body wrapped in plastic.



Thinking that he might be the next on their list he quickly packs a suitcase and folds himself (he is a tall, and not so thin man) into his tiny Fiat 500, and with the photo on the seat beside him takes off, relentlessly pursued by the angry scary bald men in a slow car chase across the countryside.

Along the way he meets up with The Damp Man (Stephen Dillane. Game of Thrones), The Chef (Muna Otaru), The Biker (Maiwenn Polisse), a priest, some nuns, a jazz band, street singers, a bullfight, helpful farmers, a food fight, and a couple who turn up from time to time randomly measuring anything with a tape measure.



There is little dialogue in this wacky well-made film, and lots of catchy up-beat music which is used as dialogue when there are no spoken words.

It is the directorial debut from award winning film composer Stephen Warbeck (known for his many film scores, including Shakespeare in Love and Billy Elliot) in collaboration with John Paul Davidson, with cinematography by Kaname Onoyama.



A gentle comedy with stunning visuals and unexpected touches inspired by Jacques Tati and perhaps  memories of Mr Bean bringing with it lots of smiles and chuckles.

90 minutes.

Showing at Luna Leederville from 13 May.

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