Travel, Books, Movies and Cats in Year Of The Covid





Like so many chill-averse West Australians, I’d booked a trip to Bali this winter to avoid having to wear a jumper.

That was before that little virus upended our lives. Instead, Pete and I found ourselves driving up the coast, exploring our own backyard.
And what a joyous exploration it was!
Our destination was Shark Bay’s Dirk Hartog Island. We spent a fun-filled week which Pete will document in our next issue.
While we were away, QC Tom Percy penned another delightful short story for us: The Year of the Cat. It’s in this issue. His earlier story, Ricky Don’t Lose That Number, was a massive hit with readers.( Notice a theme here? We can’t wait for the next one.. My Corona perhaps?)
If you grew up in Mosman Park, or even if you’ve spent much time there over the years, you may want to pick up a copy of Fragments, by Ron Banks.

The book journeys down memory lane, to long-forgotten people, shops and experiences that helped make up Ron’s childhood. There were sighs of appreciation among older members of the crowd  as long-gone butcher stores and the like were referred to  at the book’s Friday night launch at Camelot.
Fellow journalist Lee Tate, of Ron’s vintage, also had some enjoyable memories to share. The chit-chat was brief though; mostly the evening was spent listening to Ron perform with his talented band.
With corona restrictions lifted, we’re so happy we can return to the cinema. Who knew going to the movies was such a social experience? I’d never really noticed; primarily I’d just gone to see the film.
But, as Luna’s Tony Bective says: “Forget streaming, bring your friends, come and see a terrific movie on the big screen.”
There are plenty showing and our reviewer Ros Seale, for one, is delighted to be back at the movies again. She’s written a short piece outlining what’s on.
This issue also features the usual reviews from Ros and Margot, on House of Cardin and Deerskin.
In case, like us, you’ve been hit with a touch of the “Covid Curve” we have a delicious and slimming recipe here for carrot and ginger soup from the Ultimate Soup Cookbook.
It is possible to eat yummy food and get your figure back: that’s what I keep telling myself anyway!  Just a shame Pete’s mum Marlene is such a splendid cook and it’s impossible to resist second helpings of her super scrum cakes!
Until next time,
Jacqui and Pete