Starfish Team All Go in Iso







I first met Perth QC Tom Percy 15 years ago.

I was writing a piece for The Weekend Australian’s colour mag about the relationship between Tom and his sister Donna, also a successful lawyer.

With refreshing candour and self-deprecating wit, Tom was an interviewer’s dream. He talked of how his mum had hopes he’d become a hairdresser. The thought of him standing over his mum’s pals giving them blue rinses was enough to propel him to go to law school.



Tom, a Kalgoorlie boy, didn’t like boarding school much. He was desperately homesick and often thought about escaping. But he kept studying because, well, anyone who knows Tom couldn’t really imagine him hoovering up granny’s grey locks, can they?

Of course, when I met Tom, I had no idea that I’d one day return to Perth, start up The Starfish with Pete, and that Tom, despite his hectic workload – he also performs in a band –  would find the time and energy to regularly write pieces for us.

We value his input. And we think this issue’s piece by Tom, about how his life has changed since he went into “isolation,” will resonate with many.



Also in this Starfish, three acclaimed WA writers, Dave Warner, Brigid Lowry and Anne-Louise Willoughby, tell us how they’re spending their time of isolation, and what they’re reading.

UK-based West Australian Sue Downie, who wrote poignantly for us recently about coping with the crisis in Brighton, is sharing her special Austrian biscuit recipe.

And Perth journalist Lindy Brophy, also a brilliant cook, has handed over her favourite Sourdough recipe.



Sydney journalist Leigh Reinhold recently spent time in Myanmar; an enchanting visit which she writes about here. Finally, our film critic Ros – who of course is unable to review anything cinematic while new screenings are on hold – tells of the micro-dramas she’s noticing in her own back yard.

We’ve all had more time to observe nature lately, haven’t we, and what a joy that’s been.

Speaking of movies, we recently drove past the Windsor cinema on Stirling Highway and spotted Luna’s Tony Bective atop a ladder, putting up a new sign. “Now Showing.”

Great, we thought. Not long till we can go back to the flicks! But no, next time we were drove past the cinema, the rest of the sentence was up:  “Now Showing, No Close Encounters Of Any Kind.” Oh.



Until our cinemas re-open, we’ll keep bringing you more yummy recipes,  literary recommendations, and musings from our correspondents.


Until next time,