Feeling completely stressed out and frazzled this holiday season? Side Plank will help you to eliminate a scattered mind and balance and centre your emotions. Plank is also great for toning wobbly arms and the pot belly you may acquire over the silly season.

Start in Downward Facing Dog. Move onto the outside edge of your left foot. Assemble your right foot on top of your left. Put your right hand on your hip. Hold the weight of your torso on the outer left foot and left hand. Firmly straighten your arm. Push the base of your pointer finger against the ground. Keep your shoulders aligned over your wrists. Engage your legs, snap your belly in and press your heels towards the floor. Position your whole torso like a diagonal pole from the top of your head to your heels. Inhale, as you reach your right arm toward the sky, in the same direction of your shoulders. Turn your head to look up to your top hand. Hold the posture for 10-20 seconds. Remember to breathe. Return to Downward Facing Dog and repeat on the right side.

With your new improved focus and concentration you can now enjoy all tasty Holiday treats in moderation. Your heart will be open leaving you feeling peaceful, joyous and happy inside.





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