Leone Broadhurst and her daughter Samantha De Sillery have art in their hearts and together are producing some of WA’s most distinctive and striking works.

Though their approaches and mediums vary considerably, both are prolific creators, expressing themselves in powerful imaginative stylised pieces that command attention and admiration.



The gifted duo have a charming joint exhibition running over the next couple of weeks at Gallows Galley, Mosman Park, and this is a show well worth a visit. (Contact Gallows Gallery for an appointment to view over the holiday period).

Gallows has used its entire display space to show off the collection, with Leone’s pieces at one end and Sam’s at the other, and a few pieces strategically juxtaposed to complement the another – and it works a treat.


Jane Carew-Reid and Hayley Ognenis


Leone’s inimitable artistic approach will be familiar to many who have known the WA fine art scene in recent decades.


Artist Leone Broadhurst in front of one of her pieces


She has perfected her striking signature motifs using gold foil and pigments, achieving a rare Byzantine effect with repeated iconic images and methodically constructed composition.



These collages are intermingled with her superb woven baskets and statues, which use raffia and other natural bush materials like feathers to achieve a primitive tribal aesthetic.



The artist’s creations of softly curved, nebulous form and textures from natural materials offer a fascinating juxtaposition to her more linear and angular mounted pieces, and speak volumes about her artistic versatility.



Leone says her weaving work is cathartic, helps her relax and allows her to experiment with more ancient forms of creativity.


Sophia and Emma Cowling


Sam’s work is also a revelation and she has continued to find a distinctive style and compelling, singular composition in recent years.


Artist Samantha De Sillery and friend Jacqui Bridge


She is one of the most creative and inspired young artists working in WA today, never fearing to experiment with new form, pattern, dimension or concept – very much like her mother, in fact.



Her captivating pieces burst with colour and expression, seeming to use every shape and angle in geometry. She hops happily from 2D at 3D pieces with abandon.



Her works are a panoply of painted imagery, molded Perspex, raised relief obloid cutouts and repetitive patterns set with playful motifs.


Valerie Ogoke enjoyed the show


With close inspection we see that there are curious hidden constructs and messages in her complex paintings, and it is these intentional infusions that make her work highly noteworthy.


Michelle Arnold checking out Leone’s works


Sam studied fashion and textiles and this shows through in spades. She has also watched her mother creating art throughout her life, and rightly chose the same path to express her creativity.

Leone received her Diploma of Fine Art at Claremont School of Art and has had numerous exhibitions during her a highly praised career, the recipient of numerous awards over the years.



At this week’s exhibition opening both Leone’s and Sam’s works had patrons at looking long and hard, fascinated and enchanted by what these two dynamic and inspired women are saying to the world.


Evie Ferrier


Perhaps the most startling aspect of their exhibition is the extremely reasonable asking prices on what amount to some of the best, and singular, artworks on show in WA today.

So, why not pop in to Gallows Gallery this weekend, as there are some beautiful, very collectable, Xmas presents to be had by this talented local duo.



The Leone Broadhurst and Samatha De Sillery exhibition runs until 5 January. (Contact Gallows Gallery for an appointment to view the show over the holiday period). More information at www.gallowsgallery.com

Gallows Gallery – 53 Glyde St, Mosman Park WA 6012



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