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Find regular diary updates in The Starfish from Western Australian super-fish Tommaso D’Orsogna in the lead up to the Olympic Games. Here’s Tom’s first report.


I’ve been back in Canberra for over a week now, after racing in the Mare Nostrum swim series in Spain and France. It’s freezing back here! Luckily the pool is indoors or I’d be training for Ice Skating at the winter Olympics. The weather was amazing in Barcelona and Canet – I had such a great tan which has already faded!

We were given a few days leading into the competition in Barcelona which gave us some time to see a few sites. Fittingly, we saw the old Olympic park of the 1992 Olympics. What a great place to have the Olympics, the facilities look amazing even today. I can’t imagine how well London is preparing for this.

The competitions went well, I managed 3rd in the 200 Free at both competitions, granting me a little extra spending money, and 4th in both 100 Freestyles, a little bit frustrating missing out on a place but the competition was tough, against guys including Canada’s World Champion, Brent Hayden and France’s Olympic medal hope, Yannick Agnel.


Tommaso with other members of the Australian team


This week has been exciting, with the USA having the Olympic Trials for their swim team. All the swimming world has been watching to see what the number one swimming nation can produce this time around. I’ve been looking forward to the Phelps vs. Lochte showdown, at the Trials and at the Olympics. I can’t tell who’s ultimately going to come out on top, but it’s going to be fast.

Things are more tense now as the final few weeks of preparation begin.The recent Whooping Cough fiasco at the AIS caused the cancellation of a relay camp and swim meet for the Australian Swim Team, over fear people could possibly get infected. Athletes and coaches alike are all on edge about illness and injury; nobody is leaving anything to chance. So for me it’s the old cotton wool wrap to protect myself, and not a bad idea to keep warm in this weather as well.

Food-wise, I’m really watching what I eat now. Sadly, I’ve cut out full-cream milk and most dessert (though I still have the odd chocolate here and there) and I’m even about to give up coffee, to increase my sensitivity to caffeine.

On July 13, I’m back on a plane, for the UK. First, I head to  Manchester where we have the staging camp. Then on the July 27 is the Opening Ceremony; I can’t wait!

Until Next Time,

Tommaso D’Orsogna

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