Vibrant creations by a trio of respected West Australian artists are currently on show at Gallows Gallery, Mosman Park.

Jody Fitzhardinge with artists Sue Grey-Smith, Patricia Hines and Janet Pyke

Drawing inspiration from the unique beauty and allure of the Western Australian landscape, pieces by Patricia Hines, Sue Grey-Smith and Janet Pyke sweep us away on a colourful visual and textural journey of our home state.

Visitors instantly recognise the hues, earthy colours, shapes, forms, shadow and light of this ancient land, even when they’re presented in abstract or impressionist form.

Claire Hardie and Diana Bruers enjoying the opening night

Inspired by the grandeur of the natural world, each artist presents a nuanced, personal interpretation of subject in preferred mediums and styles.

Paintings, drawings, prints, mixed media, sculptures and ceramics fill the entire Gallows space, and one never leaves the luminous realm of Australiana.

Indeed, we all see something we recognise in this multifaceted show.

The Mid-Winter Exhibition was officially opened by respected art expert and artist, Jody Fitzhardinge. 

Judy McGregor and Chris Folkes-Taylor

 She praised the trio’s imaginative works and their creative illumination of the things and places around us.

Subjects range from the micro to the macro: weather and vast landscapes, flora and fauna – from seed pods to the endless spaces of the Nullarbor Plain, from wildflowers to bush-fire ravaged land. 

Sandy White and Kate Lowe

The Patricia Hines pieces include a series of mesmerising mixed media creations that use the symmetrical cores of pine cones, thread and painted cloth.

Sue Grey-Smith’s intricate, evocative pencil-on-paper pieces depict familiar sweeping outback landscapes, each powerful in its desolation and elemental beauty.

Conversely, Janet Pyke’s singular ceramics plunge us down to the smaller world of flora through her portrayals of flowers, pods, nuts and buds.

Perhaps the only drawback of this wonderful show is that it doesn’t run long enough. 

Jasmine and Neve Gaunt

The works will be on show until Wednesday 17 July, so be sure to swing by Gallows for a look-see.

John Bannister and Fiona Rigg

The pieces are extremely well priced and eminently collectable.

The exhibition runs until Wednesday, 17 July.

Gallows Gallery

53 Glyde Street, Mosman Park
Perth, Western Australia 6012

(08) 9286 4730



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