Michael Abercromby’s Front is a modern display of life in a punk band and all the highs, lows and craziness that the music world entails.

In its WA premiere, Front is honest, real and raw with its language and pulls no punches with its depiction of young men and women in today’s age.



Isaac Diamond stars as the front man and songwriter of “Rough Cut Punt” alongside guitarist Adam Marks, bassist Oscar Harris and drummer Harrison Targett.

Mikayla Merks plays the manager of the debaucherous group and there are a lot of funny interactions between her and members of the band.



Front is all about sex, drugs and rock and roll as a young band deals with fame and all the problems that it brings.

Director and writer Abercromby takes his inspiration from the Perth punk rock music scene that he was involved in and translates that to the stage.



The band plays live music throughout the show which grabs the attention of the audience and adds to the realism of the performance.

It is a glimpse in to what it would be like if you were watching a band rehearsing and goofing around. Then you see the inner band politics and it all feels very real.



There’s a lot of humour in Front and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. In between the music industry madness there are deep moments of self-reflection and honesty.



You can catch Front at the State Theatre Centre as a part of Fringe World Festival and Summer Nights. The show runs until 26 January.

More information and ticket sales at: https://www.ptt.wa.gov.au/venues/state-theatre-centre-of-wa/whats-on/front/





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