The King is Dead is a darkly humorous film that almost everybody can relate to:  if you have not had the neighbors from hell,  you will know someone who has. Rest assured that they could not be worse than the King and his associates!

Max  (Dan Wyllie) is a science teacher and his wife Therese (Bojana Novakovic) , a tax accountant. This young couple are the new owners of a house in a peaceful suburban street. They find that they have nice neighbors on one side of their house and “interesting” ones on the other.

They make friends with the nice neighbors. The sleepless nights, of course, come thanks to rowdy parties, bad language (including a rap song written by director Rolf de Heer,) drug deals and intolerable behavior from the mob on their other side. The police are powerless and their lawyer suggests earplugs. The solution to a problem of this sort is difficult for more civilized people and eventually their minds turn to some ludicrous solutions.

Dan Wyllie and Bojana Novakovic  and Gary Waddell as King have considerable film experience and are well cast in their roles. The appearance of the three Maoris near the end of the film is an unforgettable scene.

Rolf de Heer is one of Australia’s most respected arthouse film makers. He has directed, produced, and mostly written, 13 feature films usually on a low budget, and won many awards for his efforts.

Most of this film was shot in his own house in Adelaide, with the help of his neighbors.  There was just one location, one set –in place already – and a very small crew.

The film runs for 107 minutes at the Luna Leederville. It opens on Thursday 19th July.

Rolf de Heer will give a talk about his latest feature following the 6.30pm session.



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