This is the second full length film written and directed by Sarah Polley after her considerable success with “Away From Her” a film about a woman with Alzeimer’s disease starring Julie Christie.

Take This Waltz was well shot on location in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. Canada and shown at several film festivals in 2011 and 2012.

Michelle Williams stars in a clever observation of the human foibles of love. Her undoubted acting ability shows in a film where her flickering emotions are beautifully portrayed. She is rarely off the screen. The last film I saw her in she played the role of Marilyn Monroe – and the characters could not have been more different.

Margot is a 28 year old journalist married to Lou played by Seth Rogan who is writing a book about cooking chickens. There are no children and the marriage is a loving if sexless relationship where affection is often demonstrated by rather childish games and jokes.

On a business trip she meets an attractive man played by Luke Kirby. He is a would-be artist and a rickshaw driver (apparently there are a lot of these in Toronto!) He also turns out to live opposite her home where he is ever present and able to watch and follow her.

Margot’s insecurities are confronted as their feelings for one another develop in well observed infatuation. The scene in a restaurant where erotic imaginings take place is as memorable as the eating scene in the film of “When Harry met Sally”.

The telling point in this film comes near the end when Geraldine (Sarah Silverman) the sister of Lou and a recovering alcoholic, announces that life sometime has gaps which don’t necessarily have to be filled and that new things are often the next old things.

I had trouble hearing much of the dialogue in the beginning and occasionally throughout this film, but in spite of this enjoyed the clever and often unexpected twists in the writing and the excellent performances of the actors.




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