Lately, we’ve had a few people ask us, “Are you the Cottesloe Barbie?”

Facebook frequenters would be aware that CB is a prolific social media contributor with many astute observations about life in “The Golden Triangle” that constitutes Perth’s privileged western suburbs.

But no, the good Barbie we are not. Nor do we know who is behind these popular posts, taunting and teasing those who gloat of their big boats at Rotto, hired help at Eagle Bay, divine new dips at Boatshed and having hypnotised the grandparents into paying Christchurch fees.



On to The Starfish! With the thermometer finally fallen,it’s high time to forget about healthy salads and the fading waistline and hoe into something a bit more yumbo; so this week’s recipe is Raspberry Choux Puffs from charmant Frenchman, Gabriel Gate.

Those of us older than 35 still harbour happy memories of this Gallic groover spouting forth on the telly, eyes twinkling flirtatiously as he sensuously caressed dough as if it were his latest lover.

These days GG is a doting grandfather but he’s lost none of his  joie de vivire or thirst for fine cuisine. This recipe comes from his latest cookbook, So French, So Sweet.



Also in this issue, we introduce two new contributors: ECU journalism students, Elliot Turner and Claudia Haines-Cappeau.

Both were in our class when Pete and I taught newsroom journalism at ECU last semester.

Elliot has reviewed new Perth documentary, Meal Tickets, following local band, Screwtop Detonators, while Claudia warns us what happens to the muscles of kids who spend too much time staring down at screens. Time to go climb a tree, junior!



Meanwhile Pete has been busy at Gallows in Mosman Park checking out the surreal works of artist MIchael Vincent Murphy.



His pieces are something to behold. Where most of us just see dirt and trees, Michael dreams up a bizarre and wonderful world of his own.

He’s a reminder to never allow your imagination to go stale. Isn’t that right, Cottesloe Barbie?




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