Great white seen recently near the Sandtrax surf spot, Fremantle.


To cull or not to cull? Rarely a day goes past now, without a new shark headline. With WA having experienced  five fatal shark attacks in the past 12 months, small wonder everyone has an opinion about what could or should be done. The Starfish asked some beach-loving locals  for their views.

Chris, Cottesloe

“I don’t think much has changed, I’ve been here 30 years and never seen a shark. You go at your own risk but maybe they could take sharks off the endangered list and let the fisherman deal with it.  It was good that shark diving here was stopped.”

Yvette, Cottesloe

“The shark issue gets hyped up, but the Government needs to do more to help prevent attacks. I’m not in the favour of culling sharks but I would be in favour of shark nets.”

 Kathy, Cottesloe

“I like animals but once they start impacting on people, then yes I think they should start culling them.”











Nathan, Cottesloe

 “I don’t think they should cull them. I can’t see what it will achieve.”

Sarah, Cottesloe

“I don’t think they should introduce shark nets unless it can be done in an environmental way. In South Africa many dolphins have been caught up in the nets.”











Bill, Cottesloe

 “You can’t cull sharks. These surfers look like seals, they should be left alone as this is their natural habitat.”

Andrew, Cottesloe

 “Leave them alone and don’t swim too far out. Netting and culling would be bad for the environment and other species, and you can’t expect to have helicopter everywhere on patrol.”

 Sam, Cottesloe

 “I don’t think culling should happen. It’s not our right to kill anything that kills us. We get in their way, if we acted by killing where would we be?”












Matt, Cottesloe

“To try to identify and kill the shark that attacks is very difficult. I am against shark killing and I think they need to be protected.”


Ominous shape in the face of a wave at The Box, Margaret River


Five deaths in 12 months.. should sharks be culled in WA? Go to our poll and have your say.




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