Red Tuna Bloody Mary at Joli Restaurant


 Red Tuna Bloody Mary

 Red Tuna Marinated in Sea Salt-Vodka-Lime and served with Celery & Fennel sliced and Spicy Gaspacho accompaniment

Special thanks to Chef Hugo Thiebaut from Joli Restaurant, Bali.



Red Tuna : 4 Pieces, 150gr each

2 Sticks of celery

1 piece of fennel 1pce

100 gr sea salt

16cl vodka

8cl lime juice

1 piece of lime

100gr of dry bread

5 pieces of tomato

Red & Yellow bell pepper 250gr each

250gr cucumber

150gr onion

20gr basil

4cl olive oil for marination and 4cl for gaspacho

Xeres vinegar PM

Tabasco PM

White pepper PM

Worcestershire sauce PM

(PM means as you like it.)



Gaspacho:  The day before, wash, peel, cut all the vegetables and put in a bowl with salt, pepper ground, olive oil, vinegar, basil, and bread

Let all ingredients infuse for at least for one night. The next day mix all and blend.

Season with Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and white pepper. Add a little bit of vodka and lime juice.

Tuna marination:  mix vodka, olive oil and lime juice

Brush the tuna with the marination , then add the sea salt. Leave it 5 min then turn the tuna and do the same process on the other side of the tuna.

After 20 min of marination remove all the salt and with a brush.

Cut the tuna into thick slices, about 5 mm each and place on the centre of the plate. Grate lime skin on the slices of tuna.

Slice the celery and fennel very thin and arrange decoratively on the slices of tuna. Season before plating with ground white pepper, Worcestershire sauce and the rest of marination.

Serves 4




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