Artistic Trio Illuminate the Beauty of WA

Vibrant creations by a trio of respected West Australian artists are currently on show at Gallows Gallery, Mosman Park. Jody Fitzhardinge with artists Sue Grey-Smith, Patricia...
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We’re Back!

It’s great to be home, after a month spent roaming around the US. We went on quite the road trip, through six States in all, mostly on roads less travelled. First stop was...
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Aspen in Summer

The Roaring Fork river to the left, a mountain to the right, chipmunks scuttling across our path, and all’s right with the world. Pete and I are in Aspen, Colorado, and for once...
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Rikki Don’t Lose That Number

Walking down the street one Saturday morning, Rodney heard the old Steely Dan song ‘Rikki Don’t Lose That Number’.   It took him, as it tended to do on the rare...
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Film: The Keeper

Bert Trautmann is the only man ever who was a FA Cup winner, awarded an Iron Cross by the German government, and given an OBE in England. He became a legend in the world of...
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P is for Perfect – and Picardy and Pierro

P is for Perfect – and Picardy and Pierro

What is it with great wineries and wine regions that start with the letter ‘P’? There seems to be an inordinate number of mighty good ones out there. Petrus, Penfolds, Pichon, Pommeral, Pommard, Pauillac, um, Picardy, Pierro… Ah, see! There are even local producers in... read more
Agony Aunt

Agony Aunt

DEAR AGONY AUNT: Recently I found out my best friend was having a party. I wasn’t invited. I feel so hurt about this. Do I phone her up and say something, or let it ride? I had been about to invite her to come and stay at Yallingup for a weekend; now I’m in two minds... read more
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