Quirky and playful works by Bernard Ollis are currently adding a a splash of Parisienne and North African colour to Linton and Kay’s Subiaco gallery.

The exhibition, Traveller’s Tales – Paris and Morocco, transports his audience off to stylised places in both exotic locations.

‘”I am fortunate to have a small atelier in Paris,” says Ollis. “I use it as a base camp to wander off and sketch and photograph the streets, cafes, buildings, bridges and interiors, often in pencil and oil pastel, before developing the themes and concepts fully in my Australian studio”



Born 1951 in Bath, England, Ollis lives and works in Sydney – when he is not popping off to Paris and beyond – and is the former Director Sydney’s National Art School for 10 years.

He is a graduate of the Cardiff School of Art and Design and received his Master of Art (Painting) from the Royal College of Art.

He arrived in Australia in 1976 and lectured at the University Northern Territory, where he became head of his department and La Trobe University, Victoria, where he was Head of Fine Ar). In 1996, Ollis was appointed Head of Painting at the National Art School.



He has held about 50 solo exhibitions since 1972 in Australia, New Zealand, and London, and has participated in group exhibitions throughout Australia, Europe, and Asia.

Ollis undertook a residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris in 1975 and in 2008 he underwent a Residency as the guest of the Australian Ambassador to Egypt, Dr Bob Bowker.

Subsequent residencies include the Obracadobra artist residency in Oaxaca City, Mexico, with the Mawson’s Huts Foundation in Antarctica in 2014, and an international artist residency at Funxing-Ginger Art Space, Zhouzhang, Jiangsu, China in 2015.



He is the recipient of numerous prizes and awards.  His partner is acclaimed Australian artist Wendy Sharpe.

“To explore the Parisian ambiance by day or by night or to sit in a Riad in Morocco and marvel at Islamic tiles, is powerful ammunition for a visual artist,” says Ollis.



“These works do not faithfully copy what lies in front of me; they are feelings and sensations celebrating beautiful and enchanting places.”

The Bernard Ollis exhibition runs until 5 April at the Linton and Kay, 299 Railway Road, Subiaco, WA, 6008. For more information please call (08) 9388 3300 or visit the website at www.lintonandkay.com.au.




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