Freo’s Kidogo Arthouse Gallery came alive recently with a scintillating collection of works by members of the Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand (MAANZ).

Patrons were greeted by a dazzlingly creative and diverse range of works in a variety of styles, featuring ceramics, glass, stone and other tessera materials.



Mosaics allow the artist to be highly innovative in texture, colour, pattern and design, and these were on full show at the Kidogo show.

Started in 2002, MAANZ  now has more than 700 members from around Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and more.



There are currently 70 WA  members, whose works made up most of the exhibition at Bather’s Beach.

Each state in Australia and NZ has their own Branch Representative and committee of volunteers.



The aims of MAANZ are the education of its members and the community on the art of mosaics; providing opportunities for exhibitions,  participation in public art projects and fund-raising for the Starlight Foundation.



The association’s WA branch provides a network that can help with support, advice and social interaction with like-minded mosaic artists from around the state.



“It is our aim to include country members in as many activities and events as possible, by taking exhibitions and activities to them,” says the MAANZ mission statement.



“We have three guiding stars that help shine the way to do what we do: mosaic exhibitions, mosaic education and mosaics making a difference in the community.



“Membership is available to everyone with an interest in mosaics from beginners to professional artists.”

An added mosaics treat at Kidogo during the MAANZ show was a sole exhibition in the adjoining space by celebrated fine mosaics artist Lynley Jakowyna.



Her delightful show, called The Top End, comprised a marvellous collection of mosaic pieces featuring scenery and landscapes for Australia’s unique northern regions.

“In this exhibition I have endeavoured to represent the rugged and powerful beauty of the unique scenery of the Karijini National Park, the magnificent changing colours of the coastal cliffs and beaches in the Pilbara and Kimberley regions, local fauna of the northern regions and my first awe inspiring experience viewing of the celestial Milky Way at Karijini,” said Lynley.



“I feel very fortunate to be able to combine my love of travel with my love of mosaics artworks and to follow this creative journey which I find so rewarding, with hope that in the process of creating I might bring joy to others.”

Membership of MAANZ is a one off fee of $110 for life membership.



If you would like to join the WA branch contact Dorothy Burke at MAANZ WA on 0419928991 or email

Further information about the organisation can be found on the MAANZ website









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