Who says there are no decent single men around? Not The Starfish. We’ve decided to present an eligible new bachelor each month to our readers. If you like what you see, and are up for a date with our Man Of The Month, just email in, answering the same questions as he’s answered, attach a picture of yourself, and romance may well await! He’ll take one of our readers out on a date, and we’ll let you know how it goes… Drum roll… Without further ado, here’s our very first Man Of The Month!


Pearl Farmer. Divides his time between Perth and Shark Bay.

Jamie soared to fame when he appeared on reality TV show Farmer Wants A Wife. He loved the experience, but is still single and says he’s ready for a new romance.

What’s good about you as a catch?

There’ll be plenty of laughs.

 Your worst habit?

Saying it as it is.

Your kitchen skills, out of 10?


Ideal holiday with a new flame?

Somewhere in a rain forest.

Longest you’ve ever dated anyone?

3 years.

Your most romantic gesture?

I bought my girlfriend a Golden Retriever on Valentines Day.

What you’ve learned about relationships?

It works, if you get the balance right: Your time, her time, together time.

What makes you laugh?

A quick-witted girl.

Currently reading?

The Dakar Rally, about the world’s biggest desert race. I’m going to the one in Chile this Christmas.

Three words to describe you?

Happy, free, uncomplicated.

You love it when your partner…?

Has the answers that I can’t find.


To write to Jamie, send your answers to these same questions, plus a recent pic of yourself, to man@thestarfish.com.au



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