Ben Juniper exhibitions are always a visual and tactile odyssey through the swirl of a scintillating imagination.

Unlike most of his contemporaries, Ben shifts from one medium to another with effortless agility, a master of each, and takes real pleasure in the creative journey.



He experiments and tells stories through concepts and ideas, textures and iconic juxtaposition, colours and materials, be it via paint on canvas or striking metal sculptures.

If you are looking to experience the full scope of his world, then you can’t go past his current show, New Works, at Subiaco’s Burrati Galley in Hood Street.



The prolific artist is at the top of his game and producing works that are the result of decades perfecting his abilities in mediums that sometimes almost appear contradictory in their projection of form and technique.



In fact, on entering the exhibition space, one might be excused for thinking that several accomplished artists were exhibiting at the same time. Nope, it is all Ben’s.



Powerful new sculptures, comprised of wrought metal, mechanical parts, glass and other everyday components, sit in harmony with some vibrant new canvases.

Of particular interest are Ben’s large abstract paintings in which he has built up a heavily layered surface in soft and pastel hues and gradations, conveying depth and subtle dimensions.



Other paintings depict allegory and fables, Australiana and legend, everyday objects and cosmic events, shifting between realism, the surreal and abstract.



A strong sense of design synergises most of his works, characterised by free-form lines, scrolls, spirals and myriad use of textures.



Curves and linear elements are carefully placed to enhance the whole, never detracting from his pieces, and curious vibrant insets often appeared in recent works.



People, animals, machines, historic situations and places flow freely through his sculpture and paintings. It is powerful and immediate, leaving the observer in no doubt as to the messages he is conveying.



Ben says the flamboyant Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi influences him. Other artists he respects include Picasso, Calder, Miro, Klee, Whiteley and Albert Paley.

There are revelations and stories behind every Juniper piece and they are they complex, varied and mesmerising.



Pop into Buratti Gallery and see for yourself!

Ben Juniper’s show New Works runs until Sunday 23 December at the Buratti Gallery, 12 Hood St, Subiaco.




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