Matt Hale brings his unique comedy hypnotist show back to the Fringe World Festival calendar this year.

Many of us are skeptical when it comes to hypnosis – how could anyone really sit on a chair and think they’re on a motorbike?

But it’s hard to pooh-pooh it as all hokum when you see some of the ridiculous tasks performed by members of Matt Hale’s audience during his “Mindfoolness” show.

Hale acts like an energetic, charismatic motivational speaker, guiding his volunteers through an outrageous journey and because of his calm demeanour, they seem to have no choice but to go along.



It is hilarious witnessing what people will do under one’s spell, and it’s also quite a fascinating psychological study.

When it comes to pure comedy, there are other shows at the Fringe Festival that provide more laughs per minute but Mindfoolness definitely has a different element to it.

Matt Hale didn’t develop his internationally popular show overnight. He has been practising and honing his hypnotic craft for years.

His popular brand of comedy hypnosis has seen him perform at various iconic destinations across the globe.

“I’ve performed at the south pacific on some of the world’s biggest cruise ships. I’ve toured Thailand and the U.K. I do get to go to a lot of postcard destinations and actually call it work,” Hale enthuses.


Photo: Kathryn Preston


Even with the glamorous international gigs Hale gets to do, he still enjoys visiting his home of Perth the most and getting to perform where he lives in Scarborough.

Perth’s Fringe Festival has grown considerably in the last few years and Hale is excited to be a part of the flourishing arts scene here.

“I feel absolutely ecstatic about the fact that we are now the third biggest Fringe Festival in the world. It’s in my home city and Perth is growing, if you’ve been away from Perth for a few years you will be blown away by the sheer volume of entertainment and excitement.”

“There are all the pop up venues and the traditional venues have really upped their game. Fringe has nailed it and Perth has become a real hotspot on the international comedy circuit.”

Mindfoolness is a fascinating look at the world of hypnosis and guarantees a few big laughs. I rate it 3 out of 5 stars.

Mindfoolness includes 29 shows at three different venues across Perth. Three shows take place at Sunset Verandah in Scarborough, 20 at the popular Noodle Palace’s new Elizabeth Quay venue and a final six shows at Flour Palace on Queen St.

Mindfoolness runs until 23 February with tickets ranging from $21 to $31. Tickets available at







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