Director Matteo Garrone has made a film about a diminutive and gentle man driven to violence by a criminal thug. It is based on a true story that drew national attention.

Set in a dilapidated seaside town in Southern Italy Marcello (brilliantly acted by Marcello Fonte who won Best Actor at Cannes in 2018 for this film) makes a living in his dog minding and grooming parlour.

He loves his work with an amazing collection of gorgeous dogs, and loves his young daughter Alida (Alina Baldari Calabria) who he takes for scuba diving holidays. In his spare time he hangs out with his soccer-playing friends.

On the side, he sells cocaine to customer Simone (Edoardo Pesco), a very large and intimidating ex-boxer who terrorises the community.

There is a strange relationship between them; Marcello seems intrigued by Simone’s power and tries to make a friend with this sociopathic bully, who eventually involves him in a crime he did not commit.

He is sent to jail, though the police know that he was not involved in the burglary of the shop next door.

On his release from prison, Marcello, ostracized by his friends and takes his revenge. While he is able to tame the angriest of dogs, he must work out how to contend with this violent and unstable man.

Garrone co-wrote the film with Ugo Chitti, Maurizio Braucci and Massimo Gaulioso.

102 minutes.

Italian language with English subtitles.

Now showing at Luna Leederville.

Watch the trailer…





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