Clement, Georgia and Jones (as in Indiana Jones) in Nusa Lembongan

 Island Hopping Clement Picks Claremont Girl…

Lombok crabmeat with avocado, apple and green curry anyone?  Tahitian-born, Paris-trained chef Clement Fouquere’s delicious dishes are just one of the reasons Claremont girl Georgia Salmon, 25, fell in love with him.

Clement, 31, is making his mark on Bali’s island Nusa Lembongan, fast becoming a mecca for West Australians, where he owns and runs beach restaurant and boutique resort, Indiana. Clement tells The Starfish about his love for island life, a love shared by Georgia, about to start her own enterprise on the idyllic isle.

Clement, you’ve moved from a three-star Michelen restaurant in Paris, The Bristol, to this relatively remote little island. Was it worth it?

Of course! I love life here. Having grown up in Tahiti, I enjoy island life. Now, as well as running my restaurant and boutique hotel, I get to surf every day. Living here, I’m a more relaxed, open person. I used to work such long hours in Paris, and it was a totally different, more formal life.

How did you get to come to Nusa Lembongan?

My French business partner asked me to come here four years ago. A year later, I came over, and loved it straight away. Two years ago, we opened our doors.

What was the most challenging aspect to starting up over here?

It took me two months to find produce and suppliers. The main thing though, was training everybody. I’m very happy with my staff now.

What are customers saying about your food?

In general diners are very, very happy. Some people say it’s the best meal they’ve had in their whole life! Many of our guests are Australian, but also we get a lot of Europeans and Americans.

And you met your Perth girlfriend, Georgia, right here?

 Yes, she came in with her mother for a meal. The rest is history!

Let’s meet her.

OK, I’ll phone her!

(Just five minutes later Georgia, 25, walks in. It’s a small island.)

Georgia, hi, how long have you lived here?

I moved here a couple of years ago. I already knew the island well, my family used to come here when I was a girl.

What do you do over here?

In Perth, I worked as a photographer. Now, I’m setting up my own bar and resort, Tiger Lilly’s, 100 metres from the beach. We will be opening soon, so it’s very exciting.


Clement working his magic in the kitchen at Indiana

Clement, what recipe are you going to share with us?

Poires Belle Helene, a traditional French pear dessert. It’s a favourite on our menu.

Here’s Clement’s  recipe for the absolutely yummy pear and chocolate dessert he serves at Indiana on Nusa Lembongan.


1 whole pear per person.

1 litre water

400g sugar

200g dark chocolate

100g cream

2 vanilla pods.

2 pieces star anise


Core the pears and remove their skins.

Boil them very slowly for up to 20 minutes, in a saucepan with the vanilla pods, star anise and sugar. To ensure they don’t cook too much, take one out after ten minutes and check if it’s tender.

When they’re cooked, take them out. Then take the dark chocolate, melt it and mix it with half the cream on a low heat.

Chop the pears into small cubes and place in a martini glass. Add the melted chocolate on top, then add remainder of whipped cream and vanilla icecream.

Serve and enjoy!

A decadent but delicious dessert!



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