Glass artist Holly Grace


Bushwalking in Kosciuszko National Park, artist Holly Grace found herself mesmerised with the forgotten old bush huts peppered through the park.

Soon she was keenly photographing the historic huts, oases for stockmen of yesterday, their contents, and the landscape in which they lurk.



If you and I had been taking such pics, perhaps that would have been the end of our artistic venture: a striking Instagram pic perhaps?

But we’re not Holly.



The 49 year old, who’s carved an international reputation for her delicate glass artworks, had so much more in mind.

And this week at a new exhibition called Traversing the Interior we got to see the fruition of her artistic expression.



Delicate glass orbs, vases, wall hangings – even a mini glass hut which projects its magnified image onto the wall behind it, now illuminate the walls of Linton & Kay. (Many had a red sticker on them the day the exhibition opened.)



And using a complex labour-intensive process, she’s managed to infuse the photo images of these little log cabins, and the majestic landscape, into her works.



The results are striking, delicate and original pieces that would enhance any household.

Holly, WA-raised and now living in Melbourne, was there to talk about her work at the exhibition’s opening.



Though not crazy about public speaking – by her own admission she’s rather shy – she spoke of how much she relishes her lone bush walks through the Australian landscape, and what creativity they spark within.

She also spoke of the profound effect a trip to Scandinavia had on her artistic awareness, which she carries with her today.



“‘The subtle colours of the Danish landscape were so different from the coastal environment that I grew up with in Western Australia. It was this change from one extreme to another that altered my perceptions and I became aware of the sublime qualities of light within the landscape.’

Holly’s work is so meticulous, she employs a team of five to assist her with specific tasks. She also regularly drives from Melbourne to Canberra’s glass factory to use their giant furnaces.



“Every so often, something breaks, which is a bit of a tragedy,’ she winces.

Yes, quite.



To anyone who enjoys glassworks, this is an exhibition you won’t want to miss.

Holly Grace’s Traversing the Interior exhibition runs until October 18, 2018, at Linton and Kay, Subiaco.


Proud pop: Holly with her father, Peter Grace


Linton & Kay Galleries | Subiaco
299 Railway Road
(Corner Nicholson Road)
Subiaco WA 6008
Telephone +61 8 9388 3300

Starfish Photos: Peter Rigby



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