The German Film Festival runs from 28 May to 12 June at Palace Cinema Paradiso, Northbridge and Palace Raine Square, Perth. 

A celebration of German culture and filmmaking, it also has productions from Austria and Switzerland. It includes thrillers, historical productions, comedies and six films for younger audiences.

It will screen 31 feature films with 29 Australian premieres of box-office hits and award- winning movies from this year’s Berlinale.

Be sure to see 25km/h during the Festival.

Directed by Marcus Goller, the somewhat confusing title of this entertaining ,often very funny road movie refers to the speed that mopeds are allowed on German roads.

At their father’s funeral, two balding 40-something brothers reunited, after having not set eyes on each other for three decades.

Georg (Jarne Madel) is a carpenter who stayed on in their small provincial town looking after his father in his latter years, while Christian (Lars Eidiner) became a widely travelled and successful businessman.

Christian arrives late for the funeral. Their reunion is not a happy one.

Dressed in their funerial black suits and fuelled by alcohol and a heated game of table tennis they decide to take their vintage mopeds (motorcycles with bicycle pedals) and fulfil an idea they had as teenagers – to ride across Germany from the Black Forrest to the Baltic Sea, while completing a series of tasks involving sex, drugs, eating through a menu at a Greek restaurant, tipping a cow, and Ping Pong.

After quarrels, comic situations and adventures in unexpected places they reconcile and come to terms with what was going wrong with their lives.

The chemistry between the brothers is very believable and the countryside cinematography a pleasure to see. The music links with the playful dialogue, and the film will leave you with a smile on your face.

Sub-titled in English.

115 minutes.

Showing at Palace Cinema Paradiso on Saturday 1 June at 6.20 pm and Sunday 9 June at 1.00 pm.



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