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Make-Up Q & A with Gail


Katie from the Gold Coast asks:


Hi Gail,

My mum uses an expensive brand of skin care from a salon and it’s working quite well, so I bought it. But it’s too expensive for me to continue. Is it really necessary to spend so much money on skin care?’


Hi Katie,

No, it’s not necessary to spend a fortune. Obviously if your doctor has advised a certain routine for your skin, you may be wise to follow that routine. However, as my doctor tells me (and I can tell you from my own experience), you really only need two things: a good facial sunscreen and moisturiser.

You can save those two steps and find a great face moisturiser with sunscreen. Aveno and L’Oreal have great ones. I also recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week. I love Bi-carb of soda mixed equal parts with my cleanser. I use Cetaphil cleanser.




The next thing you need for smoothing out the skin and keeping it clear & beautiful is a product called ‘Retrieve Cream’ (Tretinoin 0.05% w/w). You can get a script from your doctor.

You must avoid excessive exposure to the sunlight and other sources of UV light whilst using the cream. I suggest a good hat, sunblock and a nice makeup (of course I’d put the last one in J). Your doctor will advise what you need to know and you can’t use this while pregnant.


Danielle from Perth asks:


Hi Gail,

I always have problems when I travel. My skin doesn’t like the dry conditions on the plane and I walk off feeling dehydrated and with red eyes. What would you suggest to help me step off the plane with my skin feeling great and my eyes looking awake and healthy?

Hi Danielle,

The first thing you will need to pack is a small container of moisturizer. I suggest something light that you can use on your hands as well as your face. If it’s a long flight take a packet of makeup removers with you in your carry on. Something with moisturizing components infused in them. (Neutrogena have a few nice ones).

If you’re like me you like to rock up at the airport looking half decent. I personally don’t like taking off my makeup on the plane, however if it’s a long haul I’ll definitely remove my makeup. I use a good foundation that protects my skin from dehydration. I like L’Oreal, Revlon, Giorgio Armani and Arbonne. Arbonne is very pure and a good cover. You can contact me if you want to know where to get it.




I also use a nice moisturising lip gloss or lippy. I often find the dry conditions on the plane will bring any lurking spots to the surface, so make sure you take one of those super-duper tools you can buy from Priceline. The ones with a pointy end for breaking the surface of a spot, and a looped end for pressing around the spot to extract it.

Make sure you travel with an antibiotic or antiseptic cream to apply afterwards. I’m never without an antibiotic cream. It’s very handy for any cut or bite you may get on your trip. Bactroban is an excellent one. You will need a script from your doc for that one, but you can buy any over the counter antiseptic cream if you don’t have time to visit the doctor.

Then make sure you have a hydrating spray. You can find a small spray bottle in those travel container packs and make your own. One with rose water or Google some suggestions. You can’t take aerosols on the planes now; this is not only safer but much more economical.

Soothing, hydrating eye drops are the next thing to step off the plane looking great. Systane Ultra lubricant drops are fantastic. Recommended by my ophthalmologist.

Keep the questions coming ladies (and Gents). Contact me on or FB@Gail Wilton Makeup Artistry.





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