Artist Robyn Varpins


Lately Fremantle artist Robyn Varpins has been loving the challenge of layering her sculptures in joyful oil pastels.

And the results are a powerful clay celebration of the female form.

“I’m pretty happy with these,” Robyn says modestly, leading us into her studio.

There in pride of place on her workbench are two sensual clay works.


Lyn DiCiero and Robyn Varpins


“I work in silence,” Robyn says of her technique. “Different artists have different ways of focusing. Some have to have music. But I get into a mood, I practise mindfulness, then work without noise around me. And the day just flies!”

Robyn admits when she starts a sculpture, she’s not always sure how it will turn out. “This one surprised me,” she says of her blue nude, entitled simply, “Blue Figure”.



Luckily for art-lovers, both these works, “In My Garden”’and “Blue Figure” are soon to go under the hammer, at this year’s Help The Homeless Art Auction in Fremantle.

With 85 works from local and international artists, this year’s auction, raising money for local charities, promises to be a goodie.


Theo Koning – Small    Composition


“We’re very happy with the works we have this year,” enthuses Lyn DiCiero, the event’s tireless curator.

The auction helps support several important Fremantle causes: Freo Street Doctor, The Fremantle Multicultural Centre, and The Starlight Hotel Choir.


June Pastore – The Fun Run


The choir, featuring homeless members of the community, will be performing on the night of the auction, and if the standard is as a high as last year, they’ll have you in awe!


Norman Lindsay – Untitled Nude Study


Among the treasures going under the hammer this year is a 1970 Salvador Dali lithograph of Picasso, and two 1944 drawings by Norman Lindsay.


Salvador Dali – Portrait of Picasso


There’s also a jarrah work by Quebec-born, WA-based sculptor Pascal Proteau, whose first solo show in 2016 was a sell-out.


Delma White – Ashy Leaved Hakea Cinerea


Local artists include Theo Koning, Milk Green, Stewart Scambler, Lindsay Pow, Joan Johnson, Madeleine Clear, Julie Podstolski, Shirley Clancy, Jo Darvell, Ross Potter, Sandra Black.

Anne McCaughey – Portrait from Photo


Other curiosities include two works from prisoners, one being from Shane Finn, the late son of murdered madam Shirley Finn. Shane was just 14 when his mother was shot to death, (the murder is currently the subject of a high-profile inquest which many argue is being held about 40 years too late. But that’s another story!)


Shane Finn – Untitled


There are also raffles on the night  – and chocoholics, look out for the free treats being given away during the evening.

See you there!

The Help The Homeless Art Auction is on Saturday May 12 at Fremantle Town Hall.

Open for viewing Friday May 11, from 3pm to 5pm and Saturday May 12, 1pm to 5pm.

Auction is at 5.30pm.



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