Told with humour, this is a warm-hearted and unique comedy/thriller looking at a woman’s Robin Hood-like crusade.

She is fighting against industrial development which threatens the environment in the barren beauty of the Icelandic landscape.

Hatta (Halidora Geirharosdottir) is a charming middle-aged Tai Chi practising choir master. In another life she is “Mountain Woman,” a bicycle riding environmental activist with an elaborate bow and arrow which is used to bring down power lines. She is determined to stop the government negotiations with a company that wants to build an aluminium smelter.



With some help from Baldvin (Jorundur Ragnarsson), a member of the choir, and an “alleged cousin” sheep farmer, Johann Siguroarson, who has a wonderful dog called Woman, she manages to elude the police who, in a running joke, keep arresting and then letting go a suspicious-looking Spanish speaking male tourist on a bike.

A long-awaited letter from a Ukrainian adoption agency arrives with the news that Hatta is to be a mother. She shares the good news with the choir and Asa, her identical twin sister (also played by Geirharosdotti), who was to be her backup with the child, but is now about to join an ashram in India.


Incongruously standing in the background, melodic commentators constantly appear playing piano, accordion, tuba and percussion – and then a trio of Ukrainian folk singers turn up dressed in their national costumes. Eventually they become integrated into the plot.

Director, cinematographer and co-writer with Olafur Eglisson,  Benedikt Erlinsson (Horses and Men) has made an intelligent award-winning and feel-good movie with wide appeal, which tackles global issues using humour and music.

101 minutes.

Currently showing at UWA Somerville until Sunday 23 December at 8pm.

ECU Joondalup Pines from Wednesday 26 December to Sunday 30 December at 8 pm.

Watch the trailer…







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