Free-spirited Bernard and Annie Chamodots (Benoit Poelvoode and Valerie Bonneton) decide that they will take a long road trip towing their caravan home from Montargis to Venice when their fifteen year son Emile (Helie Thonnat) is invited to a concert at La Fenice.

Annie is an eccentric organic food-loving mother who thinks Emile is more beautiful with blond hair – which she dyes monthly, and Bernard a not very successful door to door salesman. They live in their caravan on a block of land where they hope one day to build a house.

Emile has a serious crush on school mate Pauline who invites him to her wealthy parent’s home and later asks him to join them in Venice, where she will be playing her harp in an orchestra.  Her father is an internationally known musician.

The idea of a holiday in Venice with Pauline makes Emile very happy, but then his parents decide that the trip should be a family event – which was not what he had in mind.

The dysfunctional family including Emile’s erratic older brother and the odd girlfriend he picks up on the way hit the road and have many mishaps, eventually camping on the dark side of Venice.

The film was written and directed by Ivan Calberac. It was taken from his book Venice is Not in Italy. The book has also been made into a play.

There is some wonderful photography of Venice and this feel-good quirky slice of life is entertaining – if a bit unsubstantial.

95 minutes.

French language sub-titled in English.

Showing at Somerville UWA Monday 20thto Saturday 25thand Sunday 26th January at 8.30 pm.

Three stars from me.

Watch the trailer…





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