Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s new action packed film has hit the cinema, sadly.

Johnson stars as ex-FBI agent Will Sawyer in Rawson Marshall Thurber’s Skyscraper, where he must rescue his family from a burning building in Hong Kong.

The premise isn’t exactly original; though it requires an extremely large suspension of disbelief. Skyscraper has all the archetypal evil characters, plotting the downfall of their enemies.



The plot certainly lacks substance but there is a noteworthy cast, including Neve Campbell as Sawyer’s wife and Pablo Schreiber as Sawyer’s old FBI friend.

Johnson’s character is in the same vein as most of his action roles where he plays the big, muscle-bound hero here to save the day. The dialogue in Skyscraper is very obvious and repetitive and with the performances, the film is fairly derivative.

Skyscraper is writer and director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s first non-comedy film and is his second collaboration with Dwayne Johnson after their 2016 film Central Intelligence, also starring Kevin Hart.



The basic plot revolves around Will Sawyer’s wife and two children being trapped in the newly designed “largest building in the world” in Hong Kong. The building catches fire and Sawyer must go to extreme lengths to rescue them. This involves some intense – and quite ridiculous – stunts where he scales a crane, runs through flames and swings from floor to floor. All the while fighting various villains and avoiding gun fire.



The film is exactly what you would expect from the trailer and is in the mould of your standard Die Hard action thriller. It attempts to be an ‘edge of your seat’ rollercoaster but is too unbelievable and predictable to be as entertaining or successful as Die Hard.

If you’re after a nonsensical popcorn blockbuster, you are in luck, but the film is too corny to be anything more than that.

It is playing in select cinemas now.

Watch the trailer…





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