This is a witty and entertaining farcical fantasy about nostalgia and relationships, beautifully acted by a stellar ensemble cast.

Bored after more than 40 years of marriage, tech-savvy Marianne (Fanny Ardant) has had enough of Victor (Daniel Auteuil) her disgruntled husband who is out of work as a cartoonist because people do not read newspapers any more. She prefers driver-less cars and virtual reality, while he reads books and is fed up with mobile phones, IPads, and cars that talk. Exasperated, she has taken a lover and throws him out.

Feeling lonely and out of touch, Victor accepts a free invitation from a company called Time Travellers, which provides, at great cost, leading roles for clients at a time in history of their choosing, using authentic movie sets and actors dressed for the chosen period.

Victor chooses to go back to 1974 at a café in Lyon where he first met Marianne – a world where there are no mobile phones, people talk to each other, there are racial slurs, everybody smokes, and the music is great.

In control of this fantasy is short-tempered Antoine (Guillaume Canet) who directs the cast through ear-phones making present and past come together, and Victor falls in love with Margot ( beautiful Dora Tillier) who takes the part of Marianne. It costs him a lot of money to keep the romance going.

Directed and written by Nicolas Bedos (Mr and Mrs Adelman) in his second feature film and full of inventive ideas, this film should be a crowd-pleaser.

115 minutes.

French language with English subtitles.

Showing at Somerville UWA from Monday 6thto Sunday 12thJanuary.

Watch the trailer…



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