This is a charming and entertaining romantic comedy with three terrific actors. It has great dialogue and is full of surprises.

Annie (Australian actor, Rose Byrne) runs a seaside museum left to her by her father in a small English coastal town. She has been living in a comfortable relationship with Duncan (Chris O’Dowd) for 15 years.

She would have liked to have had children but he did not agree – and she would probably like to change her life, but doesn’t know how.  They are both in their early 40s.

Duncan is a teacher of film and television – and an obsessive fan of Tucker Crowe, who was a cult singer/songwriter in the early 90s who walked out in the middle of a gig and was never seen again.  Duncan has a shrine like room devoted to memorabilia and a small following of a few loyal fans who tune in to his website.

A homemade CD arrives in the mail addressed to Duncan and is opened by Annie. It is a new recording titled Juliet Naked. Annie, who is not much of a fan, posts a scathing review on the website which needless to say upsets Duncan who starts an affair with a woman who seems more sympathetic to his obsession.

To her surprise Annie receives an email from Tucker who agrees with her that his CD is rubbish and correspondence begins between them.


Tucker Crowe (a scruffy Ethan Hawke) is an irresponsible free spirit who has been a man of many relationships and multiple children. He lives in in a garage owned by the mother of delightful six year old Jackson (Azhy Robertson) the only one of his children that he has paid any attention to.

After a visit from a pregnant daughter Tucker and Jackson go to England to be present at the birth. Arriving at the airport he has a mild heart attack and is rushed to hospital. Visitors crowd the room which fills up with Annie and all the mothers and children that he has been avoiding.

The film was directed by Jesse Peretz (High Fidelity, About a Boy) and 4 screenwriters adapted a novel by Nick Hornsby titled Juliet. They must have had a lot of fun working on this screwball, feel good love story.

98 minutes.

Now showing at Luna Leederville.

Watch the trailer…




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