Ten years ago former US Vice President Al Gore made a frightening film about climate change.

It was called An Inconvenient Truth. Since 2001 the planet has experienced 14 of the hottest 15 years on record.

This sequel shows the damage this is doing to our planet: terrifying tornados, rain bombs, floods, exploding glaziers and damage to property and utilities.

We also see fish swimming in the streets of Miami and the flooding of the World Trade Centre site in New York.



The situation isn’t helped by climate change denial from the world’s major developed nations, which are influenced by large corporations. And President Trump’s announcement that he was pulling America out of the Paris Agreement in June this year was also a blow to the cause.



In Australia, we have a debate over Adani’s mining of Queensland coal for export to India, all the the name of profit and jobs. This does not affect our emissions – but the pollution will be generated in highly populated and underpowered India.



Listening to Al Gore is not unlike going to a Billy Graham crusade. He has travelled the world for ten years devoting his life to sending his message through film, speeches and a Climate Reality Training Program, which has trained 1200 leaders. This arm of activists is endeavouring to influence international climate policy.



Great social movements can eventually succeed – as did the civil rights, slavery, women’s voting rights. The goal is a positive change to renewable energy provided by wind and solar power.

The fight goes on.  Make your voice heard is the message.

98 minutes.

Now showing at Luna, Leederville and Luna SX, Fremantle.


Watch the trailer…





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