Liam Neeson’s latest blockbuster action film Cold Pursuit follows a humble Colorado snowplow driver who throws himself into the world of brutal violence and organised crime.

It is a remake of 2014 Norwegian film In Order of Disappearance  with Hans Peter Moland directing both features.

Cold Pursuitfollows a fairly predictable plot, with the focus definitely being on action and entertainment rather than character or originality.

The formula is very similar to Taken, with Neeson’s character Nelson Coxman hunting down gangsters in his angry attempt to avenge his son’s death.

The highlight is definitely the dry, dark humour which got some big laughs on occasion.

Neeson is always interesting on screen but his age is making him less, well, plausible, in these fast-paced action roles.

In terms of the lead character, it seems just a mite, unbelievable that he can take on a bunch of professional hitmen and gangsters as a snowplow driver from the mountains.

This is an element of the suspension of disbelief you have to employ to go along with the journey of the film.

One captivating character is Coxman’s brother Nel, a “wingman” played by William Forsythe.

Forsythe, known for his tough guy action roles, brings charisma and life to the “wingman” character.

Tom Bateman isn’t as convincing as Viking, the evil drug lord. He seems a bit over the top as the sleazy, underworld criminal and very stereotypical. 

There are a lot of great, thrilling action scenes in Cold Pursuit and the brutality of the violence is enthralling.

As entertaining as the fast-paced action scenes are, the film gives us nothing we haven’t seen before. A lot of Liam Neeson’s recent films seem to follow a similar plot.

Han’s Peter Moland’s Cold Pursuit is showing in cinemas now.

Watch the trailer…



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