Australian actor-director Damon Gameau has followed up his surprise hit, That Sugar Film, with another lively documentary – 2040 – this time focussing on the health of the planet.

In That Sugar Film he used his own body to show how indulging in supposedly healthy foods, high in hidden sugars, could make a person fat and sickly in a matter of weeks. 

The film was fascinating and frightening, and set box-office records for an Australian-made documentary.

In 2040, he takes an optimistic approach to our future, in contrast to the many doom and gloom predictions for our increasingly congested and polluted world.

With a miniscule budget of $3 million, Gameau scoured the world to focus on innovators who are pioneering novel approaches to climate change, energy, technology, agriculture and sustainability.

“There are so many people doing great things, right now,“ he says. “Like we were able to do with That Sugar Film, I hope 2040 will help facilitate all kinds of conversations about positive change for the world we live in.”

Bangladesh has five million solar systems and the film shows how many communities have linked their solar panels to form a combined electricity grid to power the entire neighbourhood.

In Singapore we see self-driving shared electric vehicles leading the way to the future. 

In Australia a farmer abandons pesticides and herbicides to restore health to the ravaged and drought-ridden land.

Off the east coast of the United States a revolutionary marine permaculture system uses seaweed to capture carbon from the atmosphere while countering ocean acidification.

All this is presented in a light-hearted entertaining way with high-end visual effects. Instead of the usual talking heads, we have science experts shrink to Lilliputian size, perched on shovels or giant Monopoly boards.

Gameau has a gift for distilling complex ideas into refreshingly simple segments.

The film is essentially a message to his four-year-old daughter, who will be 25 in 2040, and though it has broad appeal it is clearly targeted at young people.

There are quick bites from cute children talking of their hopes for the future, and the whole aim is to inspire people to change.

This is a thought-provoking film, well worth seeing. 

Check out the website:

2040 opens on Thursday, May 23, at Luna Leederville, Luna On SX and the Windsor Cinema.

The offer applies at all sessions of 2040 at Palace Cinemas locations on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2019. Those receiving the free ticket must be students aged 18 or under. To redeem the offer a current student ID must be shown when purchasing tickets. One paying adult must attend with each student to redeem a free ticket. The offer is not available for online transactions and tickets must be purchased at the cinema box office.

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