Helping with the Silly Season by Emma Harrison

We all get frazzled during the silly season.  Grab some “me time” as often as you can. To find peace, try breathing and meditation in an easy cross legged pose.

Sit in a comfortable cross legged position with a straight spine. Keep your knees level with or below your hips. If it is tough to maintain an erect spine sit on a folded blanket or edge of a pillow.

Bring your hands into prayer position. Relax your shoulder blades onto your back and lift up through the sternum.

Close your eyes. Begin breathing deeply into your belly centre. Focus on the rise and fall of your tummy while you inhale and exhale. As your breath slows your mind will begin to calm down.

If you feel flustered over the holiday season, or if you have over-imbibed, practising this simple relaxing position in a quiet room will help you to remain on top of things. It will de stress you, calm the mind and reduce anxiety.




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