By Ronnie Goldberg

Bob was his usual arrogant self at his Perth show last night.

I didn’t enjoy his concert at all 15 years ago in Centennial Park, Sydney, but thought I’d give him another chance.

Never again. Now I remember why! 

He doesn’t talk to the audience at all, not even a nod, let alone a ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’.



He’s too self-absorbed to bother introducing his band; you could hardly understand a word he was singing; he mumbled constantly and, as usual, changed all the music to all of his songs to the point where his hits were unrecognisable.

Some say it’s clever. I don’t. The audience clearly weren’t expecting to be treated that way and left completely bemused. 

I love going to see the legends perform and usually I leave on such a high. Paul McCartney, Cat Stevens, Neil Diamond… all fantastic entertainers.

Why Bob, why?


The young Bob


The stage was set up like an old jazz club: long dark flowing curtains and a jazz band all wearing formal matching cream suits.

Bob was at the piano. On the odd occasion he was so animated he stood up and played the piano, then sat back down.

He pulled out his mouth organ a number of times, but never a familiar tune.  

There was a no-phone, no-camera policy, so nobody could take any photos nor text or record. 

He could’ve been a rock quiz, where people had to try to guess which song he was singing.

I know he sang Blowin’ in the Wind, but had he released this version, it would never have sold! Same goes for all the other rewrites.


A smile!


We had fantastic seats very close to the front, but the lighting was dim (jazz bar lighting). You couldn’t make out any details, and for those further back, not even a screen. Considering the demographic, even the ones sitting up close could have done with a screen.

The crazy thing is he didn’t look like he was having fun, neither did the audience.

He doesn’t need the money, does he?

So why are you touring, Bob?



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