Starring Audrey Tatou and Francois Damiens

A decade after she bewitched the world in “Amelie”, Audrey Tatou has lost none of her ability to light up the screen.

“Delicacy”, a frothy French romance, is worth seeing just for the pleasure of watching Tatou effortlessly charm every man in the film.

The plot is slight and rather silly. We see Tatou swept off her feet by a stranger who spies her in a cafe. After a whirlwind courtship they marry and are ecstatically happy until he gets killed in a traffic accident.

The grieving widow throws herself into her job in a Swedish-owned Paris company. She becomes a top-notch manager and shuts out all thought of love… until, one day, she inexplicably jumps up from her desk and starts passionately kissing one of her subordinates, a pleasant but rather stolid Swede (Francois Damiens).



He is understandably thrilled and amazed and pursues her with dogged determination. She is filled with embarrassment and keeps rejecting his overtures.

The thought of the stylish Parisienne ice queen having anything to do with the bumbling good-hearted Swede astonishes their work colleagues and Tatou’s sophisticated friends.

The film is based on a best-selling novel by David Foenkinos and skilfully directed by him and his brother Stephane.

Now showing at Cinema Paradiso and Windsor



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